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Social Media

Social media is where your audience is learning about your industry. Your social media presence is where you get to educate them about your expertise through engagement and conversation. On social media, you should be sharing content that answers their questions and builds their trust.

Content Marketing

Your inbound marketing strategy leverages content types to express your business acumen and drive sales. Your content mix might include social media posts, stand-alone graphics, showcase videos, podcast episodes, and more.

Paid Media

Advertising on Facebook, Google, and other ad services is a crucial tactic for finding and directing traffic to your website. Leveraging targeted keywords, campaign performance data, landing page scores, and other tools gives you the best return on your ad spends.

Website Design

Many times your website is the first impression a prospect will have of your company. It needs to be fast, easy to use, and secure. Websites may have interactive content and third-party integrations that require custom development.

Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important for your marketing strategy. Thoughtfully link building, using structured data, and engaging in keyword research are some of the ways you can improve your ranking on the Google Search Engine Results Page.

Thought Leadership

Your prospects are combing the web for information about their purchase so they can confidently talk to your salespeople. Having your company’s experts creating content and active on social media is how you establish your industry knowledge, educate your buyers, and begin building their trust.

Effective marketing is driven by data.

Data-driven Decisions

Comprehensive Collection

Data is everywhere and that is the problem. Using tools like Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics, we pull together all of that data into one place and set it up so we can slice and dice it. Our developers are geniuses at bird-dogging data, finding creative ways to harvest it, and sussing out what is most meaningful to your marketing.

Thorough Analysis

Filtering through mounds of data is where the magic happens. You need to know how your marketing is performing to ensure you’re getting a solid ROI. You also want your data telling you where to go next and how to outsmart your competitors. When our analysts aren’t using their free time learning advanced Excel, R, and Python, they’re combing through your data looking for patterns and anomalies that can be the difference between okay sales and fantastic out-of-this-world sales. 

Actionable Insights

We share real-time dashboards and regular performance reports to the sales team and other key stakeholders. Their input adds a strategic layer of industry knowledge to our analysis. With these insights, we’re able to shift our messaging as the market shifts. We can correct existing campaigns on the fly and quickly set up new campaigns to exploit the new market conditions.

The agile methodology is a proven project management system that has been leveraged by manufacturers and software developers for decades. It is only recently that agencies have started using agile for marketing. When we adopted agile for delivering our services, we became a more cohesive team able to deliver exceptional results within remarkable timelines. Agile is our competitive advantage. It’s yours too.

Constant Communication

The central benefit of agile is the way teams are structured and work they work together. We assemble a core group of key Modthink-ers and pair them with members of your team. This group meets every day for a 15-minute “scrum”. In this meeting, the team is hyper-focused on the current sprint objectives and nothing else. The result is groups of individuals that have complete transparency into the marketing of your business executing on campaigns, knocking down roadblocks, and innovating on opportunities.

Transparency & Accountability

Hesitant at first, once they embrace the scrum system they realize how effective their marketing can be. They experience a new level of accountability and transparency between team members and between agency and client. As a result, many of our client’s top leadership will regularly join scrums to get an immediate understanding of how their marketing is progressing.
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Modthink Scrum Development

Highly Efficient Teams

Constant communication, high transparency, and high accountability result in our teams performing at a highly efficient level. That doesn’t mean that the quality drops. We still ensure that all of our work is up to the standard of being put on the fridge, or at least a website.

Opportunistic Innovation

With our analysts and your sales team collaborating so closely with the graphic artists, writers, and ad specialists, we’re able to execute on new information almost instantaneously. As new insights arrive, we’re able to adjust new tactics on the fly, try new methods quickly, and innovate entirely new campaigns before your competition has realized what is happening.
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