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When we first started Modthink, we spent a lot of our time explaining to business owners what Social Media was and why they needed it.

Six years later everyone expects social media and we focus our efforts on getting the most out of each channel.

There are two parts to leveraging social media for your business: A) Technology and B) Content.

This post is about the technology and the resources they have available for you, the business owner, to be as successful as possible on their platforms.

Back to School: Arithmetic

In the US, 130 million people use LinkedIn, 200+ million are on Facebook, and YouTube posts ridiculous numbers. The juggernaut is Instagram with 200 million and growing!

Argue about active versus bot accounts, those are still big numbers. Social media is the digital equivalent of our grandparent’s town square.

Too Much Information

A very chatty town square where people love to share. You can argue politics (or avoid it), ask for recos for pediatricians, or call out a brand for bad customer service.

Facebook and Instagram Resources for business advertising and marketing

People are also completing their profiles. LinkedIn rewards you with a sticker once you complete a certain percentage of your profile. Facebook remembers every brand, movie, cause, company, and actor’s page your like. Google My Business is connected to Google Maps and knows when people (using GPS, mind you) are near a business.

Here in Arkansas we have two of the biggest databases in the world: Walmart’s db of shoppers’ habits and Acxiom’s db filled with demographic details since the beginning of the digital age. Add the data collected by Amazon, Bing, and YouTube and you have every step we take recorded and analyzed.

Data is the Currency of the Link Economy

Back in the day, only companies like IBM and HP could afford databases full of data. Now these social platforms have all the data. And they want you to have it!

They’re selling eyeballs, engagement, clicks. As the tools have caught up with the mountains of data, how people interact with this data can be tracked down to a phone call, a video view, a GPS location, and a purchase.

Data Access is Easy

Facebook leads the way with the tools and resources they have available to businesses. They own Instagram so the cool tools are there too. Google is a close second. Twitter, SnapChat and LinkedIn all have tools you can use to not just understand their tools but to be effective using them to improve your business. It’s in their best interest that you succeed.

Company Pages on LinkedIn image credit LinkedIn

When you setup accounts, particularly the ad accounts, you will eventually get a phone call. Take it. They will bend over backwards to get you up and running and spending money.

Bing Customer Support Help Numbers


Social Media Google AdWords Customer Support Numbers

Do It Because Your Competition Isn’t

These resources are amazing. It amazes me how much these tools are not used by business, big and small. Google’s Academy for Ads gives you all you need to know about creating ads that drive business. It’s there for the taking. Spend an hour or two each week using these tools and you will set your business apart from your competition.

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