Marketing In-House vs. Agency: Benefits and Drawbacks

Small business owners are known for making chief decisions that shape their company’s anatomy. They wear many hats in the business like CFO, CEO, CMO etc. This can be hard to juggle as your business begins to grow. Hiring people will become essential the more your clientele builds up.

One of the hardest parts may be deciding whether to hire in-house marketing help or hire an agency to do all of your marketing services for you. For so long, you have worn the hat of marketing, but it may be time to make a decision. Do you want to leverage the outside vantage point of agency experts or do you see the strength in an in-house team that can experience life in the trenches of your company?


Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of hiring in-house experts vs. a marketing agency.

In-House: Benefits

Brand awareness

An in-house team has a thorough understanding about the brand knowledge. They are in the company day in and day out. They know the company’s core values and mission portrayed accurately in the marketing campaigns. They have expertise about your company because they live in it everyday.


Having an in-house team means directly that, they’re “in house” so you don’t have to worry about a delay in responses. You won’t have to take a number to get in line to talk with them.

In-House: Drawbacks

Limited pool of candidates

Marketing has evolved far from simple newspaper ads to full campaigns. You want individuals who have the skill to be on top of the growing world. With a high demand for marketing gurus, the supply has not been able to catch up, so you might waste time searching and searching for specific roles.

Not enough ROI

Having an in-house team means having enough work for them to complete before the ROI can seem justified. There isn’t any objectivity, so the marketing may seem more pitch-y instead of more awareness style.

Agency: Benefits

Unmatched Expertise

Agencies have high success with their skills, I mean, marketing for clients is all they do. They know what works with their services and what doesn’t work before they bring you into the equation. They will grant you a notable ROI that will reconfirm your decision because they need ROI to grow their business.


They know how to keep an outside perspective on their campaigns. Since they work with many different clients and different kinds of marketing campaigns; their strategies will be incredibly diverse.

Agency: Drawbacks


Agency work is not free. Many come at a high premium, but that includes their high quality of work and expertise knowledge. But asking them to add projects or packages will inevitably increase your mass cost.

Learning curve

Nobody knows your business and target market better than you do, but how well can you teach it to an agency? An agency can only go so far of implementing their own campaigns without knowing the ins and outs of your business.

In-House vs. Agency: Which is best for you?

When compared side by side, they both have their equal pros and cons. An internal team may be cheaper, but may not have as much as a ROI as a marketing agency would have.



If you think a marketing agency is for you, feel free to give us a call. We’ll set aside 30 minutes just for you. If Modthink is apart of the plan, cool. If not, then we’ve just made a new friend.

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