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How to Become a Trusted Industry Authority

Think about the last time you bought something expensive – something you had to thoroughly consider before you made your decision. Who did you consult while making that decision? Did you search over a number of days, reading reviews from professionals and other consumers? Where did you find the information, the knowledge that helped you make your purchase decision?

People trust expert advice.

Buyers today generally spend a significant amount of time researching big purchase decisions before they make them. So when someone is searching for information online, what is holding your business back from being the industry authority they are looking for?hands-woman-laptop-notebook.jpg

In order to become an industry expert, you first have to provide the proof in original published content.

This can look like a number of things, such as a business blogcustomer testimonials, a list of industry awards, or anything else of significance to your business. Prove to your potential buyers that you know exactly what you are talking about, and that your expertise qualifies you over the competition! Here are some simple tips for how you can start building your content to become an industry authority:

Provide Relevant, Beneficial InformationSocial Digital Marketing Northwest Arkansas

Keep the content relative to your industry, and focus on topics you know best so that you can prove your authority. If you are trying to convince your reader that you are an expert in a specific industry, don’t waste any of their time explaining to them how knowledgeable you are on irrelevant topics.

Create Content that Answers Questionsbecome an industry expert by publishing articles that answer customers questions

Google is called a “search engine” because people use it to ask questions. Anticipate what types of questions your buyers will ask, and create content that shows them you can provide the answers. This content makes your business more trustworthy, and it increases your chances of more people finding your business online.

Tell, Don’t Sell

This one can be hard for some people. Not every piece of published content online needs to sell the reader something. When consumers realize that the article or blog post they are reading only ends with a sales proposition, they can feel mislead or annoyed. You have to build their trust before you can even start to lead them down the sales path.

Collaborate with Other Business Experts

Research who the major, non-competitive influencers are in your industry, and reach out to them. Collaborations with business partners and other experts can help expand your reach, and can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships down the line. Show that your business is connected and well known!

Publish Often, and then Syndicate

The more expert advice your business has available online, the more likely your prospects are to find you, the better you will rank in SEO, and the more trustworthy you will appear to the researcher. After you have started publishing, share your content over social media and other channels to expand your reach and attract even more people to find your business.

So now that you understand what it will take to become an industry authority, how do you start? At Modthink, we are firm believers that every business has plenty of expertise that can be turned into relevant, digital content. Start a blog, engage in social media, start writing, start syndicating! It takes hard work to become a trusted expert, so get that head start on your competition, and show the world that your business knows best!

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