how to avoid seasonal stagnancy in college towns modthink

How to Avoid Seasonal Stagnancy in College Towns

Product seasonality is inevitable, but that does not mean that your business should take a break during the off-season. In a college town, seasonality is even more prevalent. College students typically leave for the summer and the holidays, dramatically reducing the number of potential customers in town. This poses issues for businesses who rely on this customer group. However, there are ways to use this off-season time to improve your business and avoid seasonal stagnancy.

Grow Your Customer Database

During the on-season, make sure you put some focus on growing your customer database. Always encourage people to sign up for your newsletters and incentivize them to follow your social media accounts. With more people connected to you online, you will reach more customers during the off-season by using social media and email campaigns.

Avoid Seasonal Stagnancy in College Towns modthink

Encourage Customer Reviews

As the season starts winding down, be sure to get as many customer reviews as you can. Fresh reviews during the off-season can attract new customers, and you will likely not receive as many reviews during this time. Encourage customers with a 10% discount or a free item next time they visit, and you will have some great new reviews to keep your brand at top-of-mind.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The off-season is a great time to sit down and revisit your strategy for reaching new customers. Use this time to see if you can make any changes to how you promote your business. Whether you need to engage in research for future marketing campaigns or update your website, spend this slower season re-evaluating your marketing strategy.

Build a Local, Loyal Customer Base

Even though college towns are saturated with students during the school year, there is still a customer base present in the off-season. Develop ways to attract the non-student community to your business, as they will be your main source of revenue during this time. Try to make your community loyal to your business with promotions, such as rewards programs and coupons. These local customers are also potential creators of new clients, so entice them to refer friends and family to your business.

Leverage Social Media to Stay Relevant

Avoid Seasonal Stagnancy in College Towns modthink

Social media is a key channel to keep college students connected to local businesses during their breaks. Use it to generate hype for on-seasons. Even if college students are not in town at the moment, they will be returning soon. Focus on creating quality social media posts to ensure students will remember your business as soon as they arrive for the next semester.

These tactics will help your business stay afloat during the off-seasons. Your local community market is just as important as your college student market. Focusing on both markets throughout the year will continue to grow your business in your college town. Just because the college students are taking time off, does not mean your business is taking time off.

Whether your business needs help creating a strong customer base, maintaining your current one, or developing a stronger marketing strategy, Modthink Digital Marketing can help your business stay on during the off season. Contact us today!

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