Want to be a Modthinker?

Brains. Weirdness. Ambition.
We’re the Modthinkers.
We’re growing and we need more weirdos.

We do B2B marketing, so it isn’t always “sexy.” It’s pretty cool though. We’re teaching people in traditionally stodgy industries how to use social media, content, and Google Ads to connect with their customers.

Today, we’re using Facebook Business Manager, Yoast SEO, and Google Data Studio. Tomorrow, we’ll be diving into voice search and other breakthrough technology.

We thrive on change. As soon as we figure it all out, we’ll tear up the syllabus and try something new. We’re nimble. Agile. Always pivoting. Continuously improving!

We don’t let just anyone into the club. We’re looking for specific skills. More importantly, we’re looking for people that have the four Cs: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Collaboration, 3) Communication, and 4) Creativity. If you have these, you can learn any skill.

We’re scrappy and wear many hats. You will too. We expect you to seek out your peers, learn from them, and figure out how to cross-mentor with them.

Wanna prepare for your interview? 

Here’s what it takes to be a Modthinker:

  1. You’re a self-starter and you aren’t afraid to take initiative.
  2. Agility is one of your strongest skills. When things change, you can pivot.
  3. You’re organized and when things get messy, you keep your cool. 
  4. You are intellectually curious and dive in headfirst when presented with new challenges.
  5. Effective communication is important to you.
  6. You’re passionate about your work and take pride in what you deliver.
  7. Chipotle and US Pizza are your two favorite places on Dickson Street for lunch. (If not, they will be.)
  8. That scared feeling you get when you are uncomfortable or trying something new is a good thing.

Areas of Expertise


If you’re the numbers type, this is the place for you! As a part of the analytics team, you will be responsible for pulling metrics about our clients’ pages and content. This position involves running and sending weekly reports to clients and telling a story with the data. You may take part in:

  • Data gathering and interpretation
  • Presenting progress
  • Delivering recommendations
  • Keyword research
  • Snippet targeting

Web Development

You’re what people call “techy” and you know it. From working with various languages to creating website experiences that “don’t make people think,” our web developers do it all. If the Front or Back End are where you live, this is the place for you. Our Web Developers have a hand in a little bit of everything, such as:

  • Web and app development
  • WordPress and Shopify
  • Interactive website content
  • Search optimization
  • Form, workflow, and landing page design

 Paid Media

If you like numbers and spending other peoples’ money, you might have just found your dream position. Okay, not exactly, but our Paid Media Specialists love diving deep into Google and Social Ads. A Paid Media Specialist’s #1 goal is to build out high performing campaigns that get results. You may work on:

  • Paid Search & display
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Campaign management
  • Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel
  • Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Bing

Project Management

If your biggest fear is losing your planner and your specialties include organization and communication, a project management role may be the perfect fit for you. Our project managers take on account executive roles, leading various projects and sprints. Project managers work on projects around:

  • Strategic planning
  • Social syndication and optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Content calendars
  • Team leadership and accountability
  • Client communication
  • Roadblock resolution


If working in a healthy mix of strategy and creativity sounds appealing to you, then content might be calling your name. Our content team works together to help tell our clients’ stories. An innovative mindset, an ambitious attitude, and being a self-starter is a must. One or more of the following specialties are a plus:

  • Graphic Design
  • Videography
  • Business Writing
  • Podcasting
  • Events
  • Traditional media
  • Content Strategy


Modthink Internship Program

Our intern program is unique. Our interns get a full agency experience across a variety of cross-functional opportunities in digital marketing. 

No coffee runs for you.

You will not be placed in a cubicle and given boring bits of a campaign to work on. We’ll throw you into a project immediately to begin developing your skills.

You are going to get real responsibility. You will review the data, update the website, create the blog posts, brainstorm the ideas, build the app, and you will present to the client.

You will have autonomy unlike any you might receive in other internships. You’ll be given the freedom to succeed, to fail, and to learn.

Seniors are welcome. We prefer to hire sophomores or juniors so we get you for several semesters. We pay our interns.

Oh, and you will have to get coffee… but only when it’s your turn. 

If you think you have what it takes, you should apply.

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