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What Makes Modthink’s Team Culture Unique?

Modthink’s Priority #1

Many businesses are shifting their focus to teamwork and its importance in creating success. You’ve likely heard of different team-building exercises, ice breakers, and workshops. While these may be effective, we take a different approach. What makes Modthink’s team culture unique? Do we really stand apart from the rest?


Modthinkers building a puzzle staircase

Our team members are comprised of young aspiring businesspeople. They are taking active steps in achieving their goals. Everyone is here to learn and to grow. They are prepared to make mistakes. They are prepared to recover.

Each one of our members has something to contribute, and it is essential that their voice is heard. We communicate, we listen, and we embrace imperfection.

Our main goal is to develop internally so that we may go forth and do good work for our amazing clients.

Emails and Modthink’s Team Culture

I share email messages with the entire team on a regular basis. Why?

  • Sometimes I find something I think will be valuable to them.
  • Many times I’m sharing something from a client or colleague that is meaningful to our work.
  • Sometimes I’m asking for help on a particular challenge or issue.
Each of these team emails is an opportunity for members to get involved. They have a chance to share their ideas, assume greater responsibility, grow their experience, or engage with a client.
Whether they are a developer, analyst, writer, designer, or project manager… There is a unique perspective there that enhances our offering and adds value to our work as a whole.
My impetus is calculated. I am:
  • Asking for their brainpower
  • Giving them feedback
  • Enhancing their knowledge
  • Giving them opportunities
Opportunities to share individual ideas like these are not common in most internships. Rare actually.
This is their internship. These are their opportunities.

Team Brainstorming

I’m an architect by training with entrepreneurship as my MBA concentration. Notice how marketing is not in my title.
While this may be the case, I love getting ideas from non-marketing people.

people offering ideas to an agile marketing kanban

You don’t have to specialize in marketing to understand what people generally like and dislike. Having an understanding of empathy and human interaction is a very important part of our team culture. When we are looking for new hires, the interview process includes a great deal of questions. These questions are mostly personality-based rather than reliant on experience or education. We want to know if someone is willing to be challenged and reciprocate that same motivation to others. We need to see if they can take responsibility and follow through on projects.

My entrepreneurial journey has led me to many new ideas and theories. I genuinely enjoy researching ways to make Modthink a great place to work, to grow as an individual, and to connect with as many people or businesses as possible.
I prescribe to the IDEO Rules of Brainstorming. One of those rules is “Build on the ideas of others.” When I discovered this concept, I immediately felt motivated to tie it into Modthink.
When I send out emails to our team, I want them to reply with their own response, but they are also expected to respond to other team members. Creating a strong support system, pushing along ideas, and challenging one another creates a collaborative team culture.
If we’re working together, we’re progressing.

Utilizing Modthink-y Idea Opportunities

I understand the fear of throwing an idea out into the open and watching others tear it apart. However, if team members are told to share, that becomes an expectation. Accountability is an essential component of our team culture. 
That’s to say, I do count replies. I have an email tracker that tells me who opens emails. I give pop quizzes.

People working together to put together an email

Their idea has a high probability of sucking. That’s just the reality of it all. On the other hand, it also has a high probability of helping someone else think about the challenge in a different way. Either way, we maintain respect and composure.
Above all, sending out engaging emails helps us be more creative and deliver better results.

Taking An Idea & Running With It

Once our team decides that we like an idea, the ball is officially rolling.

The next step is to assign specific team members to specific tasks. Members ask questions and get insight from others if help is needed. However, as mentioned before, that person is ultimately responsible. It’s all about accountability.

team of people rowing together in the same direction

Our team is highly organized. This is part of what gives us our edge. We don’t mess around when it comes to getting projects done. Utilizing CoSchedule and Google Calendar, Modthink-ers have a place for their ideas and assigning tasks.

When I send out an email, members have another opportunity to take on a role. Everyone wears different hats. Our writers don’t just write, and our designers don’t just design. In an email, I will ask who wants to help with something. They have the chance to step up. They are responsible for following the thread and seeing where they best fit.

So, What Makes Modthink’s Team Culture Unique?

Modthink is here to help. We want to help our clients, but we really want to help our team members. This is their chance to grow and become better versions of themselves. If people are enjoying their job, they’re going to do good work. Everyone benefits in the end.

There is always room for improvement. Nothing will ever be perfect. What makes Modthink’s team culture unique is that we welcome obstacles, hoping to overcome them with flying colors.

I am very proud of our team and their desire to grow. You will never meet a group of individuals with as much passion and excitement for what they do. Their careers are just starting. They have fresh ideas, and they want to share them.

We encourage you to listen.

For more information about our awesome team, take a look at

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