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Modthink - What is API

What is API, and Why Should I Understand It?

The Definition of API API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a form of communication between computers through a given URL, which serves as a …

graphic designer creating work
Content Marketing

The Effects of Good Design on Comprehension and Communication

Design Is Important In the world of information distribution, there are a number of ways to promote your literature. There are many strategies popping up online, …

modthinker trey writing a blog

How to Write Better Blogs That Actually Get Read

So you finally decided to get serious about blogging? Good! Blogging is a great way of connecting your brand to your target audience. Company blogs have …

what do social media impressions really mean

What Do Social Media Impressions Really Mean?

As a Data Analyst for a digital marketing company, I am constantly swimming in a sea of metrics. I look to showcase the Key Performance Indicators …

How Can I Make My Newletters More Effective
Content Marketing

How Can I Make My Newsletters More Effective?

So What is a Newsletter? While some people view a newsletter as an annoying email that pops up in their inbox every morning, others find newsletters …

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