Managing Content Channels as an Influencer

If you want to be an influencer, you need to give value to your followers and never stop delivering it. People will stop following you the second you stop giving them the content they want. In order to stay active, you need to create different content on various channels including your social media channels, personal website and professional website. In this blog, I will discuss the types of content you need to share on each channel.

Create Personal Content for your Personal Website

This content should primarily focus on developing your personal brand outside of your work-life. This is the place to post things about your life and content your followers will engage in. Every human is different, so this has a different process for each type of personal brand site. Try to establish some sort of editorial process and create a content calendar to make sure you’re releasing quality, edited posts on your site. Personal websites are a perfect way for you to drive people back to your business’ website, so make sure your posts have a connection to your company!

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Publish Business-Specific Content on your Company Website

All content should be industry and company specific. On your company’s blog, make sure your content drives people to your site. But, make sure you are publishing these posts under your name to increase your own web presence. This helps connect you and your personal brand to your company website.

Post on LinkedIn Often.

Share relevant posts

Share every post that is relevant to you that can develop your personal brand. Write your own post to go along with it so you are actually contributing to the conversation, rather than cluttering up someone else’s news feed. Tag the people and organizations mentioned in your share, and try to start an engaging dialogue in the comments. People notice this stuff. LinkedIn has recently become more like Twitter in the sense that posting often does not hurt you. Share at least 3 times a week and at most 3 times a day to ensure your voice is being heard.

Post quality content

Post consistently with good content relevant to your industry. According to LinkedIn’s Influencer Onboarding Guide, the more you share, the more opportunities you have to be discovered. As different people share your posts, new crowds will be drawn in, so it’s very important that you make your content something people want to respond to. Encouraging engagement in the comment section increases your posts’ reach as well. Make sure to include a photo or video on your posts, but don’t feel obligated to do it every time.

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Get Published on LinkedIn

Write your own long-form articles to post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. This is a great way to solidify your expertise as an influencer. Be constantly authentic when you write articles, and make sure your thought pieces are relevant to the current trends in your industry and something your followers want to read about. People want to hear your voice on LinkedIn, without the formality of something like a press release. Articles should be in the 600-1,000 word range, and don’t forget to include images!

Each of these channels work together to build you a web presence worthy enough of your own Knowledge Panel and Wikipedia page. In order to establish yourself as an influencer, you need have relevant posts on multiple different channels. If syndicating this much content onto the correct channels seems like a daunting task and you would like someone to do it for you, Modthink is here to help!

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