Get To Know Your SERP Cover

Infographic: Getting to Know Your SERP

This infographic will help you understand the ins-and-outs of the features available on a Google search engines results page (SERP), and is a great starting point for learning how search engine optimization can impact your business.

Appears when companies, people,
movies, and more are searched 

Displays relevant information such as
location, reviews, photos, information,
and related searches

Featured Snippet

Appears when a keyword or
question has a short answer
(around 60 words)
Can be a paragraph, table, list

Text Ads

Paid ads that trigger when a visitor
enters in a keyword a company bids for

Can be at the top and bottom of the
search engine results page


Shows videos from
different websites
relevant to the
search term

Sitelink Extensions

Displays other popular pages on
a search result so the visitor can
get to a more specific page

Local Pack

Details local search
results, a map of
related businesses, and
some information
about each result

Includes info such as
address, phone number,
website, and ratings.


Shows purchasable items
from multiple sources
based on the search term

Displays product price,
vendor, and rating


Small cards that run
across the top of the
SERP that display
movies, teams,
people, music, etc.

People Also Ask

Questions similar to an entered
search term that people who
search the same keywords also

Top Stories

Displays top news stories
that are relevant to the
search term

Image Pack

Shows images that are related
to the search term

Knowing how the SERP page works is important for understanding how SEO plays a role in your business. If you are wondering why your business doesn’t show up on Google, study this. If you have any questions, talk to us.


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