We Need A Better Website

How do we make our website better?

We need a better website.


You’ve tried everything. Flashy animation, cool new designs, you even tried following that cool style guide you found on Pinterest. None of it’s worked. You’ve given up. You need a new website.

 If you’ve ever thought this, you might be in one of a few places:

    1. Nobody can find my website.
    2. People found my website, but I’m not seeing any conversions from it.
    3. I don’t want people to find my website, it’s gross!

We have the answers here.


Nobody can find my website.


At Modthink we believe our clients are offering products that can save the world. You could have the coolest site in town, but until you get visitors, it’s just another part of your portfolio. It’s hard to save the world when no one knows who you are.

 We approach websites from every angle. What does your site look like and what’s on it? Have you formatted your header tags correctly? Are you running Google Analytics? What kind of keywords are you using? Have you thought about mobile responsiveness? If you don’t know the answer to these questions or never considered them, we want to help you figure them out.


People found my website, but I’m not seeing any conversions from it


Having a website is good, but conversions are better. Visitors are good, but customers are better. Chances are, you probably have visitors that deep down are just waiting to become customers. Maybe they can’t find what they’re looking for, maybe they don’t know what they’re looking for. They might not have been looking for you at all.

 Our team wants to make sure that we understand your customers just as good as you do! We leverage our expertise in analytics, design, SEO, media, and writing to ensure your customers can easily find and engage with your company like never before. If they found you by accident, we’ll be sure we keep them around as well.


I don’t want people to find my site, it’s gross!


We’ve seen some bad websites and we mean really bad. That being said, unless you own the original Space Jam website, most websites were built on good bones. Maybe you’ve got a great color scheme, but when you try to write anything, it could be “more gooder”. On the other hand, you could be Shakespeare when it comes to writing, but with design, you relate better to Ringo Starr’s Microsoft Paint designs.

 Our diverse backgrounds enable us to identify and prioritize your main areas of improvement. We also have the maturity to tell you when you don’t need that kind of help. Once we have your MVP, we want to make sure we take steps to make sure your site and all of your content is bringing in 10x returns. Your website is not just the place to make an appointment or buy a product, it’s one of the places you establish your authority within your industry.


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