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Graphic Design in the Era of Craft Beer

We have all heard the popular saying,“a picture is worth a thousand words” used in everyday life. However, this expression also deems true in the field of graphic design. Especially when it comes to how you should think about graphic design in relation to your business.

The Craft Beer Market

The craft beer market exemplifies this kind of relationship between graphic design and its products on the shelves. According to Design Hill, craft beer in the U.S. generates an estimated revenue of 23.5 billion dollars annually. With such a big market, small companies have a hard time facing new and familiar brands. 

Local Changes Making a Big Impact

You may have noticed the changes within the beer aisle at your local supermarket in the last several years. Rather than showcasing products with generic colors, fonts, and recognizable names, you can expect to see the opposite. Rows are now lined with bright colors, experimental designs, and rather clever names. This wasn’t on accident. 

Increase in Craft Breweries

In the last ten years, the number of registered craft breweries in the United States has increased dramatically. Expanding from less than two thousand to nearly five times that. Which presented a unique problem for companies–how can I make my product stand out in a saturated market?

The Solution

People’s buying decisions have become largely dependent on their first impressions with packaging. So, the solution appeared to make brand designs look both original while also conveying a story. According to Caña Magazine, this concept has turned craft beer into the new record sleeve. This beer publication’s claim makes sense. 

What Happens Next

By nature, humans are visual creatures. In the past, bigger brands have been able to market around brand recognition. However, craft beers have to be able to catch your eye to get your attention. This means designing a label that will draw people in while communicating your brand values. I know right about now you’re thinking “neat, but how does that help me?”

The Statistics

Well, humans respond and remember things better when accompanied by compelling visuals. Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group reported that when visuals are relevant, customers will spend more time looking at an image than reading text. According to Hubspot, infographics can drive web traffic up by 12%. People following directions with text and illustrations also do 323% better than people strictly following text directions.


The Power of Graphic Design

This is where having a good graphic designer comes into play. When done correctly, a graphic designer can create the visual language in which will set your brand, and the information you present, apart. This will not only increase the reader’s retention but also raise brand awareness. As well as the outreach due to the share-ability of things such as infographics or motion graphics. 

Craft Brew Creative

Take Craft Brew Creative, for example, a company that brings their design experience to help make sure your brand visually reflects your craft. From brewery branding, beer labeling, brewery websites and top handle design, Craft Brew sets brands apart distinctly just from their visual appearance. 

It’s no secret about the importance graphic design plays in a business. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us today!

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