Do I Need Marketing Automation

Do we need marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of creating workflows that are event-based activities that are triggered based actions completed by a potential lead. This can be significantly helpful for email marketing and lead nurturing. At Modthink we use Sharpspring to do this for our clients. 

Some of the common uses are having a lead categorized depending on the type of service they are interested in. This could help target specific campaigns to them or help lead handlers to nurture leads based on the information. One of the strongest uses of marketing automation is the power of dynamic content. This is content that is will change dynamically based on predefined personas in emails or on landing pages.


Workflow Pipeline

A workflow pipeline displays different pathways you can take to nurture leads based on actions they have taken. It takes action such as sending emails and segmenting leads based on their fulfillment of a predefined trigger. Some of the triggers could be someone opening an email, visiting a landing page, or submitting a form. Furthermore, actions not completed can trigger an action: not opening an email, not clicking a specific call to action on a landing page. All this can be used to nurture leads and funnel them down the workflow pipeline.


Personas are a fictional representation of your ideal client. Particularly they note interests, behavior patterns, demographics, motivations, and other client group characteristics. A company can have many different personas and your marketing needs to be able to deliver the right type of content to the right type of audience. Marketing automation can help do just that by sending the tailed email to the right persona and leads to tailored landing pages. 

Custom Email Response

Custom tailed emails have the ability to change the content of the email depending on where the lead is in the flow. The content that changes include: videos, images, written, and links. This further ensures each lead is receiving a hyper-personalized email to where they are in your funnel and is only seeing content that pertains to their journey.

Custom Landing Pages

In similar fashion, custom landing pages can change based on the type of lead. The landing page tailors itself to the information provided by the lead. This will help lead owners to gain a better understanding of the lead, only showing landing pages that are truly impactful and valuable.

Drip Campaigns 

Drip campaigns also function through marketing automation. These send predefined emails to leads at specific intervals, which is helpful to keep the lead engaged and informed. The drips will each have a landing page and calls to actions that can be tracked with marketing automation software. 


We at Modthink help plan, create, develop, and implement the perfect marketing automation that best fits the needs of your company. From drip campaigns to create and update your current workflow to thought leadership development, Modthink will help you reach leads that you might not have been able to before. Fill out our form discuss your marketing automation and how we can specifically help your company.

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