Creating Valuable Content for your Business

Content Core: Creating True Valuable Content

Picture yourself at the copier in your workplace pre-COVID-19. You’re waiting on your document to print, and you overhear a conversation between two of your coworkers that goes something like this:

“I need to come up with some new content to publish by Friday. What’s good?” Coworker Number One asks. “Blogs? Social media posts? Graphics? How about I make a video explaining agile communication?”

“Sure, those things would work,” Coworker Number Two responds.

“Would they work well?” 

“Quite honestly, it’s only going to work if it appeals to the purpose of our company and our customer’s needs. It needs to mean something. So, no matter what you do, it can be anything, but it needs to provide value. C’mon, we went over this Day One.”

You grab your document, still warm from the printer, and walk back to your desk. You start to think about this. 

Is content something to generalize, or do we need to look at the specific purpose it’s supposed to serve?

True Valuable Content

Here at Modthink, our content is one of our biggest priorities. We aim to provide value, true value, to what we produce for our clients. It’s extremely important to have a genuine interest in what your customers’ needs and desires are. You can take a guess at what might make them happy or what could spark a new lead or two, but that quickly turns into surface-level content. There’s no sustenance to that. 

So, how can you dig deeper into the content so that it’s effective and worth the time and energy you put into producing it?

Now introducing the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the content core. 

What is the Content Core?

Glad you asked! The content core is the overlap of what your client cares about and what your business provides. In other words, what’s something valuable that only you can do and your client can use and thrive off of?

target with what your clients care about, what your business provides, and content in the middle

To break this down some more, it’s important to begin an analysis of what your company’s intentions are. What’s your mission? What are your values? When you have this foundation nailed down (and you’re ready to stick to it), let the work begin.

Research is your friend. Look to see what other companies or competitors are doing, and ask yourself, what makes sense for you to use? What makes sense for you not to use? What are clients actually looking for? Take notes. Talk with your team. This is a collaborative effort!

Figure out what your company offers. Why should customers care about your products and services? Establish concrete steps to reach your end goal by figuring out what you want to promote first, what deadlines you want to meet, what tasks should be assigned to each team member, and how you can hold one another accountable.

But don’t forget to keep in mind the content core. Are you still focusing on what your clients actually care about? Does it align with what you are providing as a business?

Let’s Talk CTAs

Alright, so content is being produced. Coworker Number One is inspired, and Coworker Number Two is nodding along to the good work that’s happening.

Now, let’s say you have the coolest blog out there: it’s full of good information, outlines your company’s goals, displays some awesome graphics, but… it doesn’t have a solid call-to-action (CTA). So essentially, you’re getting people to read your work, but they aren’t doing anything about it. Now that’s a problem.

megaphone saying "take action"

A solid content core requires that you tell your clients where and how they can improve their business. For example, “Ready to become agile? Try [insert company name] today.” Now the reader receives access to a proactive next step. Even if you know what your client is interested in and you’re talking about it, you need a solid CTA. If you don’t, your “marketing efforts [will] cost [your] company more money than [you] generated,” according to Garrett Moon in “What Is The Content Core (And Why Is It The Most Important Element Of Marketing)?” 

If you would like some more help with creating top-notch CTAs, give Modthink a call today! (See how I worked in a CTA of my own? It’s that easy! Just sayin’.)

What’s the Bottom Line?

Essentially, your business is yours. Don’t let it fall into the overlooked, underrepresented content abyss. Take action!

Creating a content core will not only benefit you, your team, and your overall business… It will benefit your clients. Our clients are our priority, right? We want to help them, but we can’t do that without establishing who we are, what we do, and how our clients relate to the two. Hey, that rhymed. Now it should be even easier to remember!

Address their issues. Figure out what needs to be promoted. Determine what you can do to help, and don’t be afraid to let people know that you’re the best company for the job! Even just a little bit of confidence goes a long way. 

Again, if you have any questions or comments about good content, don’t be like Coworker Number One and ask Coworker Number Two…

Ask Modthink. We would love nothing more than to help you out!

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