Boost Your Business Using Infographics

In the world of digital marketing, an infographic is defined as a visual device such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. An infographic is a type of picture and if you took a look at our last blog on graphic design, you know how design goes hand in hand with a business. 

Benefits of Infographics

Among many other reasons, this combination of visuals and data can be extremely useful to your marketing campaign. Not only does it contain an easily digestible format, but it’s also very shareable and versatile. Need more convincing? Let’s dive into some explanations as to why implementing infographics is essential to your Business’s SEO Strategy.

Infographic Research 

According to the book The Power of Infographics, visual learners make up approximately 65% of the world population and that visual functions account for about 50% of brain activity (directly or indirectly). This tells us that the use of data visuals can attract a larger crowd of potential customers. Nonetheless, if these statistics alone aren’t a sufficient reason for you to invest in the use of infographics, then maybe a different perspective will. 

The Beauty of Data Visualization 

Writer and designer David McCandless explains how data visualization can be very useful when trying to understand a complicated concept in his Ted Talk The beauty of Data Visualization. He talks about the magic behind visual information and how minimal an effort it requires. McCandless then goes on to say that if you’re navigating a dense information jungle, coming across an appealing data visualization is a relief.

Business Importance

Infographics have shown to improve comprehension of information, ideas, and concepts. This can enhance the ability to think critically, mature concepts, and retain more information. Whether you incorporate one into a blog or feature one on your social media pages, the shareability factor of infographics can become a great resource for directing more traffic to your company’s website. In the realm of marketing, it has become known that visual content produces far more social shares than word content. 

Infographics and Facebook

In fact, a study by BuzzSumo shows that an average Facebook post shared with no image yielded about 28%. Compared to a facebook post shared with an image, which is about 64.9%. The beauty of Infographics is that it’s multifaceted. It starts with statistics, but it can be used at all levels of your business. They can be used to represent quarterly sales, revenue, surveys, and market research.

Internal Operations

Another level of business this visual format can be useful for is internal operations. These procedures can be seen in manufacturing, customer service, and lead generation. There are many other ways to use infographics to boost your business, but hopefully, this can get you headed in the right direction.

The usage of infographics is widespread and increasingly popular due to its visually appealing format. Creating an excellent infographic boils down to being useful for your audience and if it fits your marketing strategy. 

Still don’t believe me? I summed up this whole article in the infographic below, take a look and judge for yourself!

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