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5 Tools to Being a Better Thought Leader in Your Industry

You likely already have all the tools needed to become an influencer and thought leader in your industry. Your subject-matter expertise is an untapped resource to generate more buzz about your organization. We at Modthink have come up with an Influencer Development Program, with many different things we work to accomplish to get your thought leadership noticed. There are five things I want to talk about that will help you along your process of becoming an influential face of your industry.

Personal Website Creation

To become influential in your industry, you need multiple different channels to layout your content and thought pieces onto. A personal website separate from your organization is a huge part of this. Build a website that conveys who you are, and what you are a master at. There are many web design programs to work with, especially within the WordPress platform. You can find a plugin for almost anything you can think of. Make this website have backlinks to your organization’s website, so you can drive traffic back to your business!

Individual Content Creation

You need to share great content to become an influencer. Your content needs to be shareable, and provide some sort of value to those you want to influence. Until your personal website has been established, you will need other ways to parse out your content to the masses. This is where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn is a platform that breeds influencers. The foremost thinkers of our world are on this platform, and LinkedIn has its own article platform for you to start publishing your content on. The key on this platform is to be authentic and to discuss the largest trends in your industry.

Personal Brand Syndication

Establishing your personal brand is one part your personal website, another your social media engagement, and also your organizational engagement. You need to be talking about different things on all of these platforms, with slightly different targets for each. LinkedIn Content should be academic, professional and personal. Your personal site and other social platforms you use can be more stream of conscience or personal to your target audience.

Knowledge Panel Development

Knowledge Panel Jeff Bezos

Google’s algorithm has evolved past just using keywords and is now trying to actually understand how things relate to each other. This process has created something known as a Google Knowledge Panel. Google’s Knowledge Panel Interface is an incredibly intricate and complex tool. While it is an aspect of Google My Business for organizational panels, it is much more complicated to generate a personal panel. However, it is quite beneficial to those seeking to become influencers or to those looking to improve their organic search rankings. To get your own panel, you need to utilize best schema practices to optimize your website readability by Google. Over time, your work on developing a panel will pay off. Learn more about knowledge panel development here.

Wiki Development

Image result for wikimedia logo

Utilizing Wikipedia and other Wikimedia platforms is a huge portion of your journey to become an influencer. Wikipedia and Wikidata directly affect your Knowledge Panel development, as Google frequently scans Wikipedia and Wikidata for new data and new notable people to develop panels for. For you to have a panel, you need to plug data about you and your personal career into Wikidata. You also need to have a published Wikipedia article, and link both together so Google can combine them. For more information on wiki development, read this.

Now you should have an idea of just some of the tools you may need to enhance your personal brand. If you like what you read but do not want to take time to do it yourself, let us know and we can develop your subject-matter expertise and make you the type of person who both influences your industry, but also drives sales for your own organization.

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