5 best practices for paid linkedin ads

5 Best Practices for Paid LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most powerful and popular platform for B2B marketing. In fact, LinkedIn’s blog states that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, and 79% say LinkedIn is an effective source for generating leads. 

At this point, almost everyone in the professional community is on it and sees Paid LinkedIn Ads.

So, you’re a B2B marketer, and you’ve got your pages, profiles, and content. How do you look for more ways to optimize your B2Bmarketing on LinkedIn?

Here’s your answer – Paid LinkedIn Advertisements.

These take engagement with your network beyond organic engagements and content. They also boost your company straight in front of the people who will become your next big lead.

Below is a list of the best practices to start advertising on LinkedIn.

1. Know Your Competitors and How you Can Differentiate Your Ads from Them

differentiate yourself

Understanding who you are up against, as well as their content, is essential to differentiating yourself in the B2B world. The last thing you want is to create an ad and copy that sounds exactly like everyone else’s. You want to blow your competition out of the water by creating ad content that is better than everyone else. This takes work, but it will be worth it when you’re looking at your results.

How is this done? Research, research, research. Find what they’re missing and what you can do better. Stay true to your brand, language, and goals instead of conforming to the industry. Use custom made copy, graphics, and keywords that complement your business. Make them specific yet understandable to your audience.

2. Create Multiple Campaigns to Test and Improve Results

create multiple campaigns

You’re spending money on these ads, so why not make your dollars worthwhile? Gain value through creating multiple campaigns and ads, allowing you to A/B test your targeting and ads. 

Testing your targeting allows you to gain insight into who is responding to your paid LinkedIn ads because you can test geographic regions, demographics, products, services, audience, industry, and more. You can also test your creative elements and copy while keeping your targeting the same. A/B testing gives you results, leads, and conversions that you want PLUS insights on your audience and creative elements.

3. Select The Right Ad Format

LinkedIn offers five ad formats to choose from:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content Ad on LinkedIn

These are ads that will appear native, right onto your news feed. There are three types of sponsored content – single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Sponsored content can bring your targeted professionals along with specific parts of the sales funnel or achieve specific objectives you set. 

Your objectives can span anywhere from brand awareness to website visits to lead generation. Take advantage of the diversity of sponsored content by using it to promote your content, elevate your brand, and highlight calls to action.

Sponsored InMailSponsered InMail Ad on LinkedIn

Sponsored InMail is a personalized message to a prospect sent straight to their LinkedIn message inbox. They send from a sender of your choice with one call-to-action, so you don’t look like spam or cluttered. LinkedIn’s magic also only delivers when members are on LinkedIn and at optimal times, so you get the maximum return and value from your ad spend. 

Job Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads

Job Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads on LinkedIn

Job, dynamic, and text ads are smaller format and typically on the right side of LinkedIn’s website. With these, companies can input a small amount of copy with a logo or photo. You’ll want to make sure your content is compelling with a powerful call-to-action and a landing page that is a continuation of your ad. 

As mentioned in tip #2, A/B testing these ads is a great practice because the ad that performs the best is what LinkedIn shows most often. These ads are great for many types of results including brand awareness, driving traffic and conversions, and lead generation.

4. Target Exactly Who You Want to Reach

Paid LinkedIn Ads provide targeting features based on specific and professional attributes, so you can reach exactly the persona you are looking for. You can target:Targeting Audience Feature on LinkedIn

            • location
            • company
            • demographics
            • education
            • job experience
            • interests
            • personas
            • plus so much more 


You can also input your own audience, then LinkedIn will create an audience for your ad that is similar to the one you uploaded. These features are not unique to LinkedIn, but the way LinkedIn can target such a specific, professional-level most definitely is. Take advantage of this game-changing ability for your B2B advertising.

5. Design Effective Landing Pages

A great landing page for your ad is essential if you want a high volume of visitors and conversions. This is crucial because you want to ensure if you are putting a lot of time, effort, and money into your paid LinkedIn ads, you want them to direct people to a landing page you (and search engines) are proud of.  

To do this, your business’s landing page must have relevant, useful information and be easily navigable and readable. No one wants to click on an ad and then sent it to a landing page with no correlation to what they looked for. Make sure the ad speaks to your brand and aesthetic. Lastly, be sure to have a loud call-to-action so no potential leads slip through your fingertips. 

Bonus tip: don’t stop at just using LinkedIn paid ads to promote your business! Using Google Ads and Facebook has many benefits as well. Learn more here.

Now, you should be ready to hit the ground running with your LinkedIn paid ads! Doing these 5 best practices, plus regularly optimizing your paid ads, will give you big results in no time. If you have any questions or would like help with your PPC campaigns, feel free to contact us!

Learn more about other forms of paid advertising and other digital marketing topics on our website, modthink.com or check out our LinkedIn page.

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