Social media as a sales growth tool

3 Ways Social Media Will Help Your Business Expand

So…you’re sitting in your office thinking about the next thing you can do to help your business grow. You consider a few options and then you think about social media. Maybe your business hasn’t even entered the world of social media, or maybe you’ve tried but haven’t been successful. Maybe you’re skeptical about if social media will really help your business.

We have the answer for you.

Social media sites have grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years and it is important to realize the benefits it can offer. You NEED social media channels to help your business and we have three ways it can help.

Reason #1: Social media opens up communication between you and your customers

Did you know that 74% of all internet users are on at least one social media channel? By having a social media page for your business, this gives you the opportunity to reach out to these people and open up a communication channel with them.

Social media is interactive and can provide feedback in real-time. You can put out an idea or an offer and almost immediately see results and interactions. People aren’t afraid to share their opinions on social media and your business has the chance to respond directly to them in a short period of time.

Depending on the size of your business, your response time to your customers might vary, but it is important to respond within 24 hours of the post. This proves that you are attentive and value your customer’s opinions and concerns.

By putting your business on social media, your customers now have a direct connection to you and your business and it is important that you nurture that relationship and take good care of it.

Reason #2: Social media can provide insights into your customer base

Social media sites can provide some of the best analytics and information. Facebook’s insights page provides information you might never be able to gather about your audience. It provides numbers on how much of your audience is male or female, age breakdowns, locations of your “likers,” and what language they speak.

These figures give you valuable information so you can better tailor your message to your audience. If the majority of your audience is female, you’re probably not going to be posting articles/information geared toward men. If you have a large presence of millennials that are interacting with your page, you’re going to want to post information that is relevant to them, rather than what is relevant to their parents.

Understanding your customers is extremely important, and social media helps provide insights into who your actual audience is. Use the tools provided to better grow your audience and to tailor your message to your existing customers. If you’re posting relevant content to your audience, your business becomes more trustworthy and can be considered an expert in your field.

Reason #3: Social media can help build up your audience around the world

These days, everything seems to be going viral. From silly cat videos, to crazy music videos, to entertaining blog posts, the possibilities are endless. By putting your business on social media, you open yourselves up to a world of possibilities (quite literally).

All it takes is one blog post, a video, picture or post to go viral and suddenly your audience has skyrocketed. People who might never have heard about your business are now liking your page and seeing the content you put out there.

Your business might be based in the Midwest, but if your content goes viral and users on the East Coast see it, that opens your business up to more followers and a wider audience.

Many social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram also suggest accounts for you to follow, based on the people you are currently following. With this feature, you can see what others in your industry are doing and either follow the trends, or break away from it.

The Choice is Yours

Social media is only going to continue to grow and develop, and your business will certainly benefit from using it.

Don’t believe us? Read Guy Kawasaki‘s book, The Art of Social Media. Kawasaki was Apple’s Chief Evangelist in the 1980s, worked for Google as the special adviser to the CEO of Motorola, and is currently the chief evangelist for Canva, an online design service. He definitely knows a thing or two about social media and technology.

The Art of Social Media has over 100 practical tips on how to make your social media profiles the best they can be, and are for everyone, even you! Whether you’re just getting started on your social profiles or have been using them for years, this book is full of tactics to make you a social media expert.

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