Modthink Headquarters

The Fulbright Building, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Brent Robinson

CEO & Chief Thought Officer

I was a practicing architect, designing PetsMart stores in and around Atlanta, when the Internet happened and computer aided design (CAD) overtook the profession. I became the resident  technology geek and in 1996, I left architecture behind to become a technology consultant.

My first startup was the Denver IT firm Mission Critical Systems (acquired by All Bases Covered). Upon exit I become a senior consultant at Baker Robbins & Company (now HRB Consulting) and moved to San Francisco. As a technology architect, I designed and managed digital systems for AmLaw 50 law firms.

I moonlit as a technology evaluator for venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. That led to my next pivot. I went back to school at the Walton College of Business and earned my MBA.

I launched Springline Consulting Group and for several years wrote business plans for fellow entrepreneurs. A friend hired me to write a business plan for his Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop venture. When Unilever granted him the franchise, he convinced me to be his partner. My third degree is from ScoopU and I spent several summers as a scoop monkey at our shop. 

My digital background and retail experience led me to digital marketing. First at Rockfish Interactive (acquired by VLM) and later as employee #7 (smiley face emoticon) at Collective Bias (acquired by Inmar) where I designed digital and social media marketing campaigns for consumer package goods companies and big box retailers.

In 2012 I launched Modthink with the goal of getting back to my entrepreneurial roots. In this latest incarnation, I’m introducing B2B companies to digital, social, and influencer marketing through agile marketing methodologies.

The Modthinkers

Lindsey Wagaman

Content Marketing Strategist


Trey Robinson Modthink Marketing Junior Account Executive

Trey Robinson

Content Architect


Eduardo Cecilio Junior Web Developer Modthink Digital

Eduardo Cecilio

Web Developer


Jack Critser Modthink Marketing Junior Designer

Jack Critser



Ramon Silvera Junior Marketing Data Analyst Modthink Marketing

Ramon Silvera

Junior Marketing Data Analyst


Madelyn Smith Junior Paid Media Specialist Modthink Marketing

Madelyn Smith

Paid Media Specialist


Faith Raun Junior Content Designer Modthink Marketing

Faith Raun

Junior Content Designer


Natalie Frauenheim Modthink Marketing Junior Account Executive

Natalie Frauenheim

Junior Account Executive


Jake Nolen

Web Developer


Avery Edit v1

Avery Barker

Junior Project Manager


Cole Stufflebeam Modthink Marketing

Cole Stufflebeam

Junior Designer


Maddi Heise Modthink Marketing

Maddi Heise

Junior Content Specialist


Hudson Peters Modthink Marketing

Hudson Peters

Junior Web Designer

Katie Brandt Modthink Marketing

Katie Brandt

Junior Account Executive

Modthink Marketing Superhero Modthinker

Jacob Kent

Junior Analyst

Modthink Marketing Superhero Modthinker

Shaun Foster

Junior Analyst

Why choose us?

We offer full service marketing that we divide into three steps. 

  • First, we start with a strategy session. This includes a strategic roadmap for your organization. We give you all of the tools you need to carry this strategy out.
  • Second, we build the structures needed to start the marketing plans. This ranges from account setup to keyword research.
  • Third, after structures have been established, we will run ongoing campaigns, web support, and paid advertising for your organization.

Our influencer development and thought leadership program is bound to establish you as an expert in your industry. 

Our strategic approach to learn everything we can about your organization is the most important part of developing a marketing plan. We run analytics, keyword tools, SEO tools, and competitive research tools to get the full picture of your organization’s web presence.

We can integrate your content through all channels, ensuring the same brand messages are being conveyed through your social media, website, e-mail, and traditional marketing methods. All content needs to be pointing your potential customers to the same messages. We make sure that happens.

We guarantee that you will get results from us. Whether you choose to just do the strategy session or go on as a full client, you will see your investment’s returns. 

We won’t drop you as a client after we provide the strategy and foundation. We want to continue to manage your online presence as long as you need us to.

Ready to grow your business? We are!

Your clients are out there searching… for you.

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