Unconventional ways to promote your blog content on social media

3 Uncommon Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

Sharing blog content on social media channels can be tricky in today’s modern age. Posting your blog link with a featured image on your channels doesn’t seem to drive blog traffic anymore like it used to. Video content is becoming a very close blog competitor. Here are a few effective and uncommon ways on how to promote your blog content through video.

Create Static Facebook Videos

Reaching people organically on Facebook can be tough. Unless you have millions of loyal followers, your reach is tiny. Boosting posts can work, but isn’t always worth the time or money.

Facebook video marketing uncommon ways to promote blog content on social mediaCreating static videos will benefit you by strategizing the right titles and captions to capture your audience. Facebook is beginning to evolve into a huge video central platform. Whether it is memes to share or cooking videos to save for a tasty meal later, video content is more popular than ever. But there’s a catch. Statistics show that most users on Facebook scroll past a video that is longer than 2 minutes! Take the greatest piece from your blog and make it stick in under 2 minutes to draw your users in to read more.

Use Instagram Stories

Since Instagram created their new algorithm that isn’t time-based posting anymore, it is difficult for your followers to see your posts more frequently. Instead of strategically timing out your posts, Instagram now has a random feed algorithm, so someone could see a post of yours from 4 days ago.

How to use instagram stories to promote blog content social media marketing

People are beginning to more frequently use the Instagram story feature because it is real time posting. This feature is also well liked by many because they no longer have to take time to scroll down their feed. They can just click the stories on the top of their screen and start scrolling left or right.

Instagram stories also have great effects that allow you to change filters, write words in creative patterns and colors, tag a location or a hashtag, and you can put fun stickers on there as well. These stories are great for promoting your blog content because you can make it look more real life than sales-pushy.

Is Snapchat dead?

use snapchat to promote blog content on social media marketing agencies in fayetteville arkansas

Although Instagram imitated Snapchat stories by adding the Instagram story feature, Snapchat is not dead. Snapchat is still a top platform when it comes to daily use and engagement. Time spent on Snapchat in the last few months has grown over 20% and is still way more effective when it comes to organic reaches compared to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Snapchat stories are a great way to tease your users with your blog article and also invite them in easily by using the “swipe up to read” option. This is a great way to gain traffic through the app and if your content reaches enough people, it might even end up on the discover page.

Increase Your Blog Engagement

These 3 uncommon ways to promote blog content have proven to be successful so far. The conventional way of marketing isn’t “real enough” anymore. Take advantage of your social media channels and create captivating, fun content to showcase your blog in an exciting way.

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