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3 Steps to Set Up the Instagram Buy Button

Selling Stuff on Instagram Just Got Easier

If you are an ecommerce business, you will definitely enjoy this new Instagram feature. It allows your customers to buy your products directly from your photo. Instagram is now a go-to tactic for ecommerce sellers. Shoppers can shop online without even leaving the app. However, there are requirements to consider.

How to Set Up the Buy Button

  1. Your Instagram account must be converted into a business profile.
  2. Your product catalog must be associated with your shop on Facebook or a Business Manager – Using Shopify or BigCommerce allows you to easily set up a shop on Facebook.
  3. You must sell physical goods.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, the two social platforms have become more and more intertwined. It is important to make sure that if you only have a shop on Instagram that you are creating a shop on Facebook as well to be qualified for this feature.

How The Buy Button is Disrupting The Shopping Industry

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Before this buy button was available to customers, it was a common thing to see a post that said “Shop now, Link in bio!” which forced the customer to exit the post and go to the biography on the profile to find the link to shop.

Instagram new Shop-Now-Feature to enhance ecommerce and online sales


Now with the buy button, customers no longer have to click out of the post and potentially get lost trying to find the right product. This button helps to create awareness of your product and boost sales. Additional advantages include:


  1. Efficiency – Being able to buy directly from the photo makes it easier to complete the buy. 
  2. Multiple Products – You can upload a collage of photos and tag up to 5 products in a picture! This allows you to showcase an entire outfit. For example, you can tag a sweater, jeans, boots, a watch, and a purse all in one photo! 
  3. Speed – Shorten your consumers shopping time! We’re all always-on-always-mobile so the buy button saves second so we can get back to thumbing through our Instagram feed. 

One More Way to Sell Online

Seventy-seven percent of Americans now own a smartphone (Pew Research Center). Don’t count on brick-and-mortar businesses to disappear overnight. Do look for more and more retailers to have an online presence and some to turn exclusively to selling online. 

Instagram Social Media Web Pages Internet Online Shopping Ecommerce Instagram Shopping Buy Directly Through Instagram

Selling online with the fast-moving, ever changing world of retail is not a luxury… it’s a necessity. Your online presence makes you available to everyone and doesn’t limit you to geography or 9 to 5 store hours. 

Instagram just took online retail to the next level. Cyber Monday is coming up fast. Make life easier for your shopper. Set up your Business Profile to qualify for this awesome Instagram feature today!

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